Licensing Project Workflow by Sef Chang

Licensing Project Workflow

A step-by-step Trello board to licensing a product idea

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Here, you'll find the 10 steps to licensing a product idea using Trello. It's also how I project manage multiple ideas at once.

What's included?

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Licensing Project Workflow — Trello Board


How do I get access to the Trello board?

  1. Sign-up with your email for access.
  2. Then, click on the link and sign-in with a Trello account.
  3. Click on "Show Menu" at the top-right hand corner of the board.
  4. Click "More"
  5. Then, click "Copy Board"...and enjoy!

What are the 10 steps to licensing a product to a company?

— Make Ideas Happen — with Licensing

What's up, world! I'm Sef and I create product ideas to license (aka "rent") out to companies in exchange for royalties. Here, I'll be sharing my tools, tips, and tricks I use for myself to make licensing magic happen.